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This is a sticky! If at any time there are things not included here, I apologize; I write a lot, and sometimes I can't keep up!


Lord and Lady Rahl:1/ 2 Darken Rahl/Kahlan, Reckoning; COMPLETE Recc'd on Recc'd by Seekers and on peoplespalace
Temptation Richard/Cara, Richard/Kahlan, season 2
Existence Richard, Cara, Kahlan Jr. Jr. (granddaughter), Reckoning
The We Hate Kahlan Club parody, Everyone/Kahlan, Everyone Else/Richard
Happy Place Darken Rahl/Cara, Darken Rahl/Kahlan, season 1
[ profile] legendland drabbles Michael Cypher, Nicci, Richard/Kahlan, Rahl/Kahlan, MC!Kahlan
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
: Rahl/Cara
The Marshmallow Zone: for [ profile] legendland ; Richard/Kahlan/Cara
Keeper's Day: for [ profile] legendland , Lucasta Rahl
Sibling Rivalry: for [ profile] legendland; Cara, Denna, pre-series
for [ profile] legendland: Richard/Kahlan, Denna/Richard, Denna and Kahlan, Kahlan/Cara, Richard/Cara
Kieran's Eve: Valentine's Day fic, Darken/Nicci, Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Dahlia...
Her Prophecy Child: young!Darken Rahl, Panis Rahl, Nila Mirané Rahl, for [ profile] legendland and somewhat inspired by a discussion on [ profile] peoplespalace . Warning for violence.
At the End of All Things: for [ profile] legendland , Rahl/Cara, Richard, Reckoning.
Unbound: Richard/Nicci, tag for Bound


Old Lies Future, Sisters of the Light, "Legend: a lie that has attained the dignity of age."
The Trouble with Children Panis Rahl/Taralyn Zorander, pre-series, "If two wrongs don't make a right, try three."
Just Looking Darken Rahl/Denna, Denna/Richard, season 1, "He would make a lovely corpse."
Vengeance Kahlan, Cara, season 2, "Forgiveness is the ultimate sacrifice."
Makes You Stronger Cara/Leo, season 2, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
The Conversation
: Cara/Various, ends Kahlan/Cara, "Our children change us...whether they live or not."

Advent drabbles:
Denna's Honor (Denna)/ Just a Saving People Thing? (Richard/Nicci)/ Learn Something New...(Team Awesome)/ Three Mistresses/ Taking It Back(Richard/Kahlan)/ Zedd's Fears (Team Awesome)/ Lost Lord (Rahl/Cara)/ The Proper Incentive (Rahl)/ Kahlan's Joy (Kahlan, Dennee)/ Loving Kindness (Cara/Dahlia)/ The Magic Snowflake (Rahl/Cara)/ The Good Student (Zedd)/ Then and Now (Richard/Kahlan)/ Snarled (Kahlan's hair)/ The Sense of Hearing (Cara/Dahlia)/ Traveling Companions (Leo, Kahlan)/ The New Girl (Mord'Sith)/ Mother Ocean (Rahl/Nicci)/ His Quest (Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Leo)/ The Creatormas Tree (Richard, Jennsen)/ Rachel's Shadows (Rachel)/ Tradition (Richard, Jennsen, Darken)/ First Chestnut (Richard, Zedd)/ Happy Creatormas (Team Awesome)/

Creatormas drabbles for peoplespalace: The One That Got Away (Panis Rahl/OC)/ Peace on Earth... (Mord'Sith)/ Little Deaths (Dahlia, Denna)/ Open Your Eyes (Cara/Dahlia)/ Silver Bells (Rahl/Cara/Denna)/ The Bratty Ghost (Rahl, Lucasta)/ Foot-Loose and Stocking Free (Kahlan/Cara)/ A Mord'Sith Holiday Song (Richard/Cara)/ Dear Sister (Darken, Jennsen)/ Baby's First Creatormas (Rahl/Kahlan)/ Making Nice (Mord'Sith)/ Mord'Sith Anonymous (Mord'Sith)


Innocence Lost Future, next gen, Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Ben Meiffert, Denna/Richard; COMPLETE

Learning Curve:1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 Darken Rahl/Nicci, post-Tears; COMPLETE

Ghost Stories:1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 Cara/Dahlia, Mord'Sith telling stories; COMPLETE

Princess Rahl: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 5.5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 11.5/ 12/ 13/ Darken Rahl/Kahlan, Reckoning AU; in progress

Love is Cruel: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ Richard/Nicci, post-Tears; gift for [ profile] madmguillotine , on [ profile] seekerrarepair . COMPLETE (Except now with outtakes in the same universe: His Mercy (Rahl/Kahlan), Her Lord (And Her Lady) and The Rada'Han (Rahl/Kahlan/Cara), all rated R/NC-17.)

His Hands Were Tied:1/ Rahl/Kahlan/Cara, AU after Extinction: what if Rahl stayed their hostage? In progress

Your Slave: AU: What if Kahlan were a Mord'Sith? Rahl/Kahlan/Cara, Richard/Kahlan, Denna/Richard. Gift for xixlovexgreenx.

Master: AU Reckoning--what if Kahlan killed Nicholas? Inspired by a [ profile] peoplespalace discussion. Sequel: After the End

The Murder of Lucasta Rahl: very pre-series, OC Rahl family, origin of the Mord'Sith--very dark.

The Good Sleep Better: Darken/Kahlan/Cara, parody, inspired by a discussion on [ profile] peoplespalace .

Undone: Cara/Dahlia, what really happened when Zedd did the Spell of Undoing twice. Fits in canon, during Eternity. Includes Cara's son!

The Unreadable Girl: 1/ 2: written for [ profile] foibles_fables for the feelings fest on [ profile] lots_femslash. Kahlan/Cara, Cara/Dahlia, AU: What if Cara and Darken Rahl had a daughter? Cara tries to avert a terrible fate, and gets help from a certain Confessor. Pre-series.

Baby Boy Cypher-Amnell-Rahl: Richard/Kahlan, written for [ profile] dark_fest, prompt: Richard and Kahlan have a son, and Kahlan wants to kill him. R for disturbing imagery and dark themes.

: Richard/Kahlan/Cara, written for [ profile] dark_fest, prompt R/K/C, Master Rahl. R for violence.

The Unravelling or the Perils of Powerful Magic
: written for the big bang on [ profile] legendland. Zedd/Cara, Unbroken AU.

The Admiral's Captive: Pirate AU, Darken/Kahlan/Cara.

Sweet Submission: Darken/Kahlan, Richard/Kahlan, Conversion AU. Inspired by a discussion on [ profile] peoplespalace - what if Darken got the power of Confession?

Note: I like all canon pairings (Richard/Kahlan, Cara/Leo, Rahl/Cara, Cara/Dahlia, etc.), and I really love Rahl/Kahlan, Richard/Nicci, Rahl/Nicci, and Rahl/Kahlan/Cara. I also sometimes read and write Kahlan/Cara, Richard/Kahlan/Cara, and Rahl/Cara/Dahlia. And Rahl/Cara/Denna. I love Nicci, and I like exploring the sibling relationships between Richard, Jennsen, and Darken. :) Also, new love for Kahlan/Denna :)
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