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23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?

I have a new plan, in relation to this: I'm going to try posting everything to my LJ journal, my AO3 archive, my DW journal, and my page, if age appropriate. I'm ashamed to say I haven't always done a good job with that, and it is somewhat time consuming to post everywhere at once, but it saves having to import stuff or tediously update everything.

My August resolution ;)

24 – Betaing – How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren't any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?

I'm afraid to ask people to beta for me - if I post something, it's up to the reader whether or not to click on the 'read more...' link, but having a beta means asking someone to read my work, and what if they don't think it's any good? Plus, when I write for fests or something with a deadline, I may barely finish in time myself, and it doesn't seem fair to ask a beta to work under a time constraint. (And then sometimes I just want to post what I've finished right away, before I lose my nerve.) 

Still, I've certainly gotten a lot of wonderful unofficial advice and ideas from other writers, and I'm always glad for their help. So maybe I should have another August resolution ;)

25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain "mood" to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?

26 – What is the oddest (or funnest) thing you've had to research for a fic?

27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

28 – Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether writing together, or having an artist work on a piece about your fic?

29 – What is your current project or projects?

30 – Do you have a favorite fic you've written? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link!
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