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Written for [ profile] legendland; these are all rated PG-13.

Title: We Parody You Because We Love You
Characters/Pairing: Richard/Kahlan, Zedd, Cara (almost Z/C)
Length: 155
Inspiration: "they were probably whispering sweet nothings to each other"


"I love you! Oh, Richard!" )


Title: Weather Forecast
Characters/Pairing: Darken/Kahlan, Nicholas
Length: 463
Spoilers: Reckoning
Inspiration: "she would always look back and remember the way life was supposed to be"

There were times... )

Title: Marvel
Characters/Pairing: Cara, Kahlan (hints of C/K)
Length: 351
Spoilers: Broken
Inspiration: "as Cara died, she saw Kahlan"


One moment, stretched infinitely long, looking into the Mother Confessor's cold eyes... )


Title: Kitten Alert
Characters/Pairing: RKC, hints of C/K
Length: 358
Inspiration: "all her training hadn't prepared her for this"


Mord'Sith don't rescue kittens in trees... )

Title: Under His Spell
Characters/Pairing: Darken/Kahlan, Richard/Kahlan
Length: 413
Inspiration: "for a moment, Kahlan wondered what it would be like to give in"


"This isn't you!" Richard cried desperately... )
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Title: Creator's Night
Characters/Pairing: Richard/Kahlan, Darken/Nicci, Jennsen/Denna, Cara/Dahlia, Zedd (also next gen: Sam, Rick, and Gracie)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2614
Spoilers: everything
Summary: Written in honor of the first day of summer ;D The night before the holiday, the royal family of D'Hara celebrates and commiserates, and gets drunk. (Not the kids, though.) Also...a little bit of a parody.


Royalty never had any sense... )
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Title: The Good Sleep Better
Characters/Pairing: Darken/Kahlan/Cara, Richard, Zedd, Keeper, Creator
Length: 3065
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: whole series
Summary: Written for the [ profile] peoplespalace discussion, what if, at the end of Resurrection, it's Darken's soul that's returned to Richard's body, instead of Richard's? Note--this is a parody!


If the Keeper ever decided to man up and sweep the Creator off her feet, he would do well to take style points from Darken Rahl. )


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